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Home Title Full Service Photoshoot Featured Video - New Barber Find Us Testimonies Relationships



A Full Service Salon

Serving Men, Women, & Children!

Learn More >>>

Photo Shoot
View >>>

~ Featured Video ~


Watch It Here >>>


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“A Place Where Relationships Flourish!”

Meet The Team

Tammy Halsey

Call and make an appointment with Tammy today:
(540) 353-7602

Tammy Halsey

Tammy has been doing hair in the Roanoke Valley area since 2006. She studied hair in New York and Las Vegas, and also received professional training in Charleston, SC. She is also Redken Certified.

Frances Carr

Call and make an appointment with Frances today:
(540) 797-4151

Frances Carr

Frances has been cutting hair for 3 years now, and has work experience at Paul Mitchell Signature Salon for the last 3 years. She studied cosmetology at Hollywood Hair Academy. She is also Goldwell Hair Color Certified.

William Mckenzie

Call and make an appointment with William today:
(540) 519-9496

William Mckenzie

William first picked up a set of clippers at the age of 12. He has cut hair in the New River Valley area since 2004. He studied and received training from Wythville College Apprentice Program.


Halo Salon was established as a Christian hair salon in March of 2012. The previous owner, Emilee Lowe, based the salon mission off of the scripture Ephesians 5:2 – “…walk in the way of love, as Christ loved us.” With a mission to do everything in the way of love towards customers, Halo Salon quickly became a place where strong relationships began to flourish.

Today, the salon is owned and managed by Tammy Halsey, who has embraced the original mandate and has continued to carry out the mission.


It’s really quite simple! We are different because we truly and genuinely care for all the people we cross paths with. Truly caring for the lives and well being of clients, along with providing quality hair services produces a consistency that is rare to find in many hair salons.

We maintain a positive and inviting atmosphere, and continue to develop strong relationships with our clients. In this day and age, we dare to say…that is different!

Our Services

Haircuts & Styles
    • Women’s Haircut & Style – $30
    • Men’s Haircut – $15
    • Men’s Haircut & Beard Trim – $20
    • Men’s Designer Haircut – $40
    • Girl’s Haircut – $15
    • Boy’s Haircut – $12
Chemical & Color
    • Full Hilite – $150
    • Partial Hilite – $75
    • Color & Accent Hilite – $120
    • Full Color Root Touchup – $80
    • All Over Color – $100
    • Ombre Style Bleaching – $120
    • Additional Colors – $10 ea.
    • Additional Length – $10
    • Per Foil – $7 ea.
    • Treatments – $15
Other Services
    • Eyebrow Wax – $10
    • Lip Wax – $10

Featured Videos

A Day At Halo
Our New Barber

Contact Us

Send Us A Message or
Request An Appointment

Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
If you are requesting an appointment, please specify the time, day, and stylist you would like to schedule with.

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